Wedding Day Tips

Putting on a wedding can basically be like putting on the biggest party of your life, times ten. You might want to enlist the help of a professional planner, or just a really great friend who loves helping to organize.

You literally can’t have enough help the week of your wedding, so if your friends and family offer, take them up on it. This can include wine pick ups, wedding day errands, even that last minute realization that your groom’s suiting case somehow didn’t include socks. You can always return the favor later. So here are a few tips to make your day go just a little bit smoother.

In these modern times, the “getting ready” photography often starts at a home or hotel, and continues to one or two photography locations on the way to the ceremony site. So it’s important to talk to your florist about the fact that you are going to need a drop-off of the bridal, bridal party, and groomsmen’s flowers wherever you are starting out the adventure. No reason to get all those lovely blooms and not get to show them off in your portraits.

Ladies, do not let the make up artist tell you that you have to wear a lot of make up for photography. Wrong. You need to look like yourself, only a bit sparkier. This might mean a lipstick shade a bit deeper or brighter than normal, subtle false lashes, or special hair for the big day. You want to feel beautiful, and if you don’t feel comfortable with your reflection in the mirror, that is going to show in the photos.

Always check the guys’ suits if they are coming from a rental shop. So many weddings have been forced to go off with a wrong vest, no vest, or worst of all, the wrong size shoes for one of the guys involved. Have a check list for the pick up, and make sure the guy doing it won’t mind getting a little anal on the shop manager if need be.

Open bars are soooooooooo much fun, except for the fact that they can get pretty abused. Many a tipsy partier will forget their almost-full drink and just go up for another one. This is evidenced of course by the litter of twinkling cocktail glasses still full around the room at the end of the night. A different option: have a signature cocktail for the bride and groom during the cocktail hour in addition to beer and wine. After everyone gets their cocktail on, switch over to beer and wine only. There will be less cost and mess at the end of the night too, when you realize you don’t have to actually find rides home for those few guests who really needed a key master.

Day of the wedding: Delegate, Delegate, Delegate. This in fact does not make you a Bridezilla, just a smart lady who realizes on a day this important you are going to want all your energy going into the main event. Of course, do all this with a smile and a hug, as your friends and family may be feeling the burn too.

Make sure that someone is bringing food to snack on both before the photography begins and again before the wedding ceremony. Hungry humans just don’t have as much fun.

Finally, on the wedding day, don’t pack too much in. That may mean not rushing off from the reception to the airport, or just making too many plans the morning of.

So reading this, you might be asking yourself where are the actual photography tips? Actually, all of the above will help you have a much more relaxed and stress-free day. And if you’re happy and in the moment, you are going to take beautiful photographs.

Best, Starr



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