Hi, Thanks so much for visiting my new website! Your synapses have probably already made the connection that Starr is not only my business name, but my personal one. I am a child of the seventies, and as such will now employ the time honored tradition of an old school personal ad to describe myself.

Likes- Anything involving a beach and sunset, a good giggle at least once a day, music, snow falling, making things grow, my eleven year old son, and good tequila. My perfect Sunday would start with the New York times travel section, some kind of yard game, making tasty food with great friends and maybe even an impromptu kitchen dance party. My perfect weekend would add in a really great movie, quality time with a favorite book, more playing with kiddo somewhere the sun shines, and probably a sunset paddle board in my beloved Ballard.

Not so Likey- Computer problems, wastes of time, rainy days when we want to play. Really bad movies we paid to watch in a theatre.

So at this point you are probably ready to hear about my photography. This whole picture thing is my main gig, I’ve been doing it for 30 years now, and it is one of my great loves. My style is fun, candid, artistic, and relaxed. We don’t go on photo shoots so much as photo safaries. My favorite way to work is to be active in a variety of settings, and really focus on who my clients are to capture the best and sweetest of their dynamics together. That’s the real magic.

In wedding work particularly, there can be moments of stress and intensity. I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph over 800 celebrations, and this has taught me a lot about how to approach the day. My focus is to create an environment that is relaxed and enjoyable for all involved. That way, if something does come up, we can handle it with ease and sail right through.

My photography background includes a fine arts degree, band and fashion photography, and a real attention to light and mood. These things all combine to create my unique style of texture and artistry.

These days I work mostly to all digitally, as a lot of my favorite films have been discontinued. When it comes to family and wedding work, digital really allows me so much freedom for the candid moment, and it looks great too.

I’m a Canon Girl. Not that I don’t like Nikons. Some of my best friends are Nikon people. It’s just where I started and am happy to stay. My equipment is all top of the line, and I use a variety of lenses to establish a more creative tone.

So that’s my little bio. If you’d like to start a dialogue, I’d love to hear from you. Until then, have a lovely life. Starr

F a c e b o o k